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Virtual training
Online Training

The sessions are specifically designed to support your business objectives and support your teams as they work from home or transition back into the workplace.


These coaching sessions and training workshops enable support directly into the homes of remote working staff. Each session is run in a collaborative online training format, led by an experienced facilitator.

Online Training
Classroom Training

Our values

Classroom Training

Training is carried out by our experienced facilitators with international exposure and solid regional knowledge.

They deliver training in-market or at your premises.


Aetos Mati trainers are not afraid of packing up and travel extensively. Except South America and Antarctica, the team has delivered and attended training on all continents.

Classroom training
CX Program

Our values

Happy Shopping
Customer Experience Program

Long gone are the days of mystery shopping programs, CX model brings much more actionable, cross-insights business solutions.

With more than 5000 trained and experienced evaluators in the region and a solid methodology, we will support you in taking the next right business decisions

Business Consultancy

Our values

Business Consultancy

Our subject matter experts with real life experience and solid regional exposure will bring you the insights you require to start, re-launch or take your business to the next level.

From HR strategy, market survey, marketing plan and competitor analysis, we can support you step by step to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Business Handshake
Skills competition

Our values

Regional skills competition organization
Skills Competition

We offer full project management for technical, non-technical and sales skill competitions. Our support covers:

- Participants’ logistics

- Venue booking

- Marketing material design and production

- Competition content creation

- Judges, acting clients briefing

- Scoring matrix design

- Award ceremony management

Mobile Solutions

Our values


The Heart of Human Achievement™

Blanchard is a global leader in leadership development, consulting, and coaching. For more than 40 years, Blanchard has partnered with organizations to maximize individual achievement and organizational performance, bringing measurable progress and true transformation. Blanchard’s SLII® is the global leadership model of choice, powering inspired leaders for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.

Blanchard SLII®

Our values

Learning Management System Administration
Learning Management System Administration

We provide a comprehensive solution that covers everything from:

- Registering and deactivating users

- Scheduling training sessions

- Uploading participants’ marks

- Generating reports


We can even liaise with your platform developer in case of technical issues.

Our values

Event Production & Management / Video Content Creation

Experiential / Government Communication / Virtual Experience / Special Events, you name it !

A true cross-platform approach that transcends boundaries, allowing us to tell richer, deeper stories through events that connect with audiences; everywhere

Our game is game changing with a perpetual desire to create unforgettable experiences that inspire a strong emotional response.


Visit our CREATIVE ZONE section to check our productions!

Creative Zone
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