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Who we are

Aetos Mati brings together a group of progressive, agile, results’ oriented and committed team members.

Aetos Mati key team members come from France, Mauritius Island, South Africa, Syria and Lebanon and speak 6 different languages

Our specialists have backgrounds in retail, hospitality, healthcare, event, automotive industries and HR.

We develop and deliver learning and development solution, CX program and business consultancy services.

We take your event and film creation to the next level. 

Meet the team

Creative Matter on Steroids!

Meet the team
Nicolas Gondard
Koussay Hammoudeh.JPG

Facilitator / Executive Coach - Ken Blanchard Trainer

Facilitator / Executive Coach - Ken Blanchard Trainer

Pieter Maritz.jfif

Senior Business Consultant 

Bruno de Champris

Film Director / Producer / Writer

French flag.png
Jean Marc Chandoo.jpg

Jean Marc
Creative Strategist / Executive Producer

Karen Edde.jpg


People & Culture Manager


Talent Development Manager

Our values


Each team member is a self-entrepreneur within the organization

Drive your project to objectives and collect accolades


You are the Boss!


The group maneuvers freely, steering where Customers are aiming

Remain alert as directions might change overnight



Standing still is boring!


We might know a thing or two, we will keep our cool though

Bring value to our Customers at each interaction

We learn everyday!


Aetos Mati provides Customers with value and all else will follow

Ease up your Customer day or problem, establish trust




Fast is better than slow!

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