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Blanchard® Leadership Development

Blanchard® is a global leader in leadership development, consulting, and coaching.

For more than 40 years, Blanchard® has partnered with organizations to maximize individual achievement and organizational performance, bringing measurable progress and true transformation.

Blanchard’s SLII® is the global leadership model of choice, powering inspired leaders in more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.


SLII® is a model for developing others.

Situational Leadership®, developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, was first published in May 1969 as ''Life Cycle Theory of Leadership'' in Training and Development Journal.

In 1985, Ken Blanchard and the Founding Associates of the Ken Blanchard Companies® revised the original theory and model to call it SLII®.

SLII® leaders invite others to ask for the direction and support they need in order to develop.

This development journey starts with direction. But, over time, leaders provide less direction and support as the individuals they lead develop their competence and commitment and learn to provide their own direction and support.

Learn a new language of leadership

Many of us may have had leaders who don't ''speak our language.'' They may provide too much direction or too little support.

In SLII®, we learn not only how to use the SLII® language with our team, but also how to use it with a Manager.

Increase the quality & quantity of conversations

Most of us would acknowledge that we could have more frequent and better quality conversations with the people we lead.

SLII® will help you to commit to having high-quality conversations with your team members and to working with them side by side as partners.

Help others develop their self-reliance

When people are self-reliant, they have more autonomy, and they are motivated by that.

By working with a situational leader, individuals develop competence, which increases their confidence and willingness to take responsibility and decision making.

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